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About YSB


  • The YS Yaacobi Brothers Group YSB
  • Chairman Pini Yaacobi
  • CEO Amir Yaacobi
  • Founded in 1974
  • Main branches 28 Moshe Sharett Street, Rishon le Zion, 24 Haplada Street, Beer Sheba

Leader of Israels Infrastructure Industry

One of the leaders of Israels infrastructure and business venture industry. The group that began as YSB a small family group from southern Israel that, within three decades, became one of the leading groups in large-scale ventures in Israel and abroad. Group activities focus on planning and performing contractual projects in Israel and overseas in several main sectors: electromechanical sector, traffic sector, control and security sector, in addition to providing system maintenance services.

Home for Solutions

The Group operates through subsidiaries, while creating synergy and maximizing use of its knowledge, experience, technology and unique advantages of each. The combination of various areas of expertise, technological capabilities and expertise of the companies include Turn-Key solutions, with financial soundness ensuring that Group customers are provided with optimal solutions for their various needs, under one roof.

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